Sandblasting: Advantages And Disadvantages


Abrasive grit blasting or sandblast cleaning as it’s typically called, is a special kind of surface treatment process that is widely utilized in several different industries for many different purposes. Residential sandblasting in itself is the process by which, tiny bits of abrasive materials are accelerated through a powerful blasting nozzle, via the utilization of compressed air. Since its introduction into Permian Basin back in the late 1800s, sandblasting has since become a very effective way to rid properties of fire damage, mold and several other issues within the city of Permian Basin. As such, it is an excellent way to restore a piece of property whether it may be a home or a retail store, back to its original condition. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that it can be a more cost effective option when it comes to debris removal or damage restoration.

Benefits Of Sandblasting
For starters, residential sandblasting contractors can prove to be a great way to remove old paint and casting materials. For example, if an individual wants to repair or prime a surface, it can prove to be a good idea to have it sandblasted initially prior to applying said paint. The result of such will be a smooth, sleek surface that will be incredibly easy to repaint. It’s also worth noting that sandblasting is the fastest and most efficient method that’s available when it comes to removing paint as well as other coatings.

Sandblasting can also prove be a more convenient and cost effective way to remove contaminants such as rust from various kinds of equipment, tools and other items. For example, items that are covered with difficult materials that are hard to remove such as soot, water deposits, grease and rust, can be cleaned within a matter of minutes via the utilization of a powerful sandblasting machine.

Here are some of the advantages this cleaning process has to offer in comparison to other cleaning methods such as soda blasting for example.

1) Profile A Metallic Surface
In some instances, a metal object may need to have it’s surface profiled so that the subsequent coating will adhere. Sandblasting creates this surface profile, similarly to how it prime surfaces that need to be painted.

2) Fairly Easy Process
One of the major advantages that sandblasting has to offer is the fact that from the perspective of a professional, the process is fairly fast and quite easy. However, it is worth noting that the same thing can’t be said when it comes to utilizing a sophisticated sandblasting machine as a consumer due to a lack of adequate training and hands on experience.

3) Helps To Clean Several Type Of Materials And Structures
If you have been contemplating about the possibility of renovating your home and or cleaning certain types of items such as rusty tools or sports equipment, the utilization of a sandblasting contractor can prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only can they help to enhance the exterior appearance of your home, they can help to polish multiple items and tools that you may have lying around.

4) Perfect Results
Sandblasting can be applied to most kinds of materials for the sole purpose of cleaning. Additionally, it can even be used on delicate materials as well.

Most of the disadvantages that are associated with sandblasting stem from a lack of adequate knowledge and training. As such, consumers that utilize commercial sandblasters may experience:

1) Air-borne diseases
Because residential sandblasting consists of the utilization of sand, continuous exposure without an adequate amount of protection can lead to the development of certain kind of lung diseases such as silicosis which stems from inhaling an abundance of silica, which is primarily found in sand.

2) Risk of Injury To The Skin
Another risk individuals within Permian Basin who utilize a sandblasting machine may face is the possibility of damaging the skin.

3) Risk Of Choking In Poorly Ventilated Area
If the process is not conducted in a well ventilated area, there’s a high chance that the individual may end up choking on the abrasive materials that are ejected.

4) Generates Sparks And Heat
The whole concept of propelling tiny abrasive materials at high velocity against a substrate, generates heat as well as sparking and static electricity. As such, extra precautions have to be taken when it comes to sandblasting certain types of materials such as metal.

Why Sandblasting Is The Best Industrial Cleaning Method

If you ever need to clean items that cannot be easily cleaned using conventional methods, sandblasting is an effective method that you should consider. As the name suggests, the cleaning process involves blasting sand at high pressure on a surface resulting in the cleaning of the surface. The process is mostly used for industrial cleaning but can also be applied at home. Industrial sandblasting is suitable for cleaning oil equipment in areas such as the Permian Basin where there is a lot of oil drilling and extraction.


Sandblasting equipment comes with a compressor that releases the cleaning agent at high speeds. Although the process mostly uses sand, other cleaning materials can be used. You can choose to use glass or copper as the cleaning agent. The cleaning process can be used on hard surfaces such as hardwood, steel structures and even stone-built structures. However, great care needs top be taken because the method is not suitable for every surface. If you were to use it on a brick structure, it may affect the strength of the surface.


After a painting job, one can use sandblasting to clean surfaces that may have been painted on by mistake. Should you purchase a domestic sandblasting machine, you need to use it sparingly. You should only use to clean surfaces that can withstand the pressure from the cleaning agents. In addition, you need to adjust the compressor to deliver just enough cleaning power without damaging the item you are cleaning. In the event that industrial equipment has developed rust, sandblasting is a good option for removing the rust. When you use the right pressure, the machine will clean your metal items effectively.

If you do the sandblasting process right, it delivers a polished finish. In case you need to remove a layer of paint from a wall, the cleaning process gives you the desired results. It can be used on buildings, tanks and also bridges.


Benefits of sandblasting

Compared to other industrial cleaning solutions, sandblasting is an economical and effective cleaning method. As long as you have the sandblasting machine, you do not need any expertise to operate the unit. Should you on the other hand need to clean specialized equipment in Permian Basin, it is a good idea to contract an experienced sandblasting company to undertake the job. Another notable advantage of industrial sandblasting is that it does not require a lot of machinery. One just needs a powerful compressor, a nozzle and a blasting pot to get the job done. It is up to you to select a compressor that has the capacity to clean your items. While some cleaners can only be used to do one type of job, a sandblasting machine can be used for a wide variety of applications.


Sandblasting safety

Should you opt to clean any item through sandblasting, it is important for you to observe safety precautions. Before you can even start the job, you need to source the necessary protective equipment. You need to wear a thick apron, have leather gloves and dust protection equipment. Considering that the sandblasting machine makes a lot of noise, it is in your best interests to wear noise protection gear. When you step into the room where the sandblasting will take place, you are required to wear protective shoes. These measures are important to ensure that your skin does not come into direct contact with the residues because the fast-moving small particles can penetrate your skin.


Many people think that some of the safety measures are unnecessary. However, closer scrutiny will reveal that every safety effort is necessary. The airborne dust can cause serious health problems if inhaled. The fine dust that may by-pass the nose filter is even worse because it can cause the most damage. Metal dust from manganese or lead is toxic and should be avoided at all costs.


To ensure that you do not affect others, it is advisable to seal off the area where you are doing the sandblasting. Other items in the room too should be covered to prevent a build-up of dust that can be inhaled after the job.


If you observe the above safety precautions, you will find out that sandblasting is an extremely effective cleaning method that has many advantages over other industrial cleaning options.


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